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One BioMed Announce World’s First Fully Integrated Platform for Automated High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction

Beyond Simple HMW DNA extraction at scale.

SINGAPORE, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One BioMed, announced today the launch of the X8™ HMW DNA Cartridge Kits for the automated extraction of high molecular weight DNA for use in long-read sequencing and genome assembly. Inclusive of all the necessary reagents, the X8 HMW DNA Cartridge Kits, powered by the OneTouch Instrument, is the world’s first out-of-the-box, automated platform for extraction of HMW DNA from a myriad of sample types like bacteria, plants, cell culture, tissue and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs).

Long-read sequencing is a 3rd generation technology that sheds light on certain “blind-spots” seen in short read sequencing methods, such as the detection of complex structural variants. However long-read sequencing requires isolation of high-quality, HMW DNA which can be challenging to obtain. Most commercial extraction technologies compromise the quality and length of the extracted DNA, as they include mechanical steps like centrifugation or vortexing, and/or alcohol precipitation in their labour-intensive workflows. One BioMed’s patented Xceler8™ Technology is re-defining nucleic acid extraction, by using a gentle, yet rapid chemistry-based method to selectively bind, gently cluster and purify intact DNA using controlled fluidics. The specially formulated workflow is also non-volatile and ethanol-free, ensuring hassle-free shipping and storage at room temperature.

The Xceler8 Platform ensures consistent and reproducible extraction of HMW DNA up to 2 Mb range from various sample types across different users. The purified HMW DNA is suitable for various downstream applications including long-read sequencing (Oxford Nanopore Technologies®and Pacific Biosciences®) and de novo genome assembly. With the flexibility of random access, the Xceler8 Solution also has the ability to run different protocols simultaneously and can efficiently process up to 8 samples in as little as 1 hour. The fully integrated, plug-and-play automation system is ideal for labs looking for highly flexible and consistent HMW DNA extraction from a variety of sample types.

“We are excited to launch the new X8 HMW DNA Cartridge Kit.” said Dr.Mi Kyoung Park, Founder & CEO of One BioMed. “This Kit extends the workflow and performance advantages of the novel Xceler8 Technology, enabling scientists to efficiently extract HMW DNA from a variety of samples, for various downstream applications.”

“Long-read sequencing is having a major impact on genomics and the key to quality data is getting abundant, intact HMW DNA.” said David Klinzing, CTO of Next Level Genomics, a prominent genomics services company in Singapore. “One BioMed’s Xceler8 Solution produces one of the simplest and best performing extractions of HMW DNA from different samples that can generate very high-quality data for long-read sequencing applications such as the PacBio System.”

One BioMed has partnered with experienced distributors across APAC and is looking to expand its commercial presence in EMEA by the end of the year. The X8 HMW DNA Cartridge Kits will start shipping in June 2023. One BioMed also plans to launch kits for extraction of RNA from Tissue and Viral Samples by Q4 of 2023. For more information on our existing Cartridge Kits and authorized One BioMed distributors, please visit our Products Page.

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Anjana Narayanan, Ph.D. Associate Director, Sales & Marketing One BioMed Pte. Ltd.