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The Xceler8 Solution

Automated, rapid nucleic acid extraction

The Xceler8 Solution is an integrated molecular platform that automates nucleic acid extraction from a myriad of biological samples for a wide variety of downstream applications. Comprising of an Instrument, ready-to-use Cartridge Kits and a touchscreen tablet with our proprietary X8 software, the Xceler8 Platform offers a seamless workflow that can take you from sample to purified nucleic acids at the push of a button.


The X8 OneTouch

Run any sample at any time, instantaneously.

Gain freedom from sample batching with the random-access feature on the plug-and-play X8 OneTouch Instrument. By fully automating the pre-filled X8 Cartridge Kits, the X8 OneTouch rapidly and efficiently extracts nucleic acids up to 8 samples at a time, setting new standards for safety and user-friendliness and ensuring reproducible results with every run.

Instrument highlights

  • Turnkey solution. Maximize productivity and workflow efficiency with less than 1 min hands on time and minimal routine maintenance.

  • Versatile workflow. Gain unparalleled flexibility with random-access and the ability to run different extraction protocols simultaneously.

  • Compact footprint & low noise. Function with safety, ease and low noise, whether on a benchtop or within the confines of a biosafety cabinet.

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Cartridge highlights

  • Ready-to-use cartridge kits. Conveniently process different samples using sealed cartridge kits with all inclusive reagents, including Proteinase K.

  • Reliable cleaning. Simplify clean-up and minimize cross-contamination with the fully closed and integrated cartridge architecture that includes a built-in waste reservoir.

  • Simple handling. Enjoy hassle-free shipping and storage at room temperature with non-volatile and ethanol-free cartridge kits.

DNA Cartridge Kit, 24 preps

Efficiently extract high-quality DNA from multiple sample types, including bacterial and human samples. Rapidly automate your sample preparation process by choosing the kit suitable to your workflow.

  • X8 Genomic DNA Kit
  • X8 Tissue DNA Kit

RNA Cartridge Kit, 24 preps

Easily purify total RNA from different sample types, including viral and human samples. Flexibly automate your sample preparation process by choosing the kit suitable to your workflow.

  • X8 Cellular RNA Kit
  • X8 Tissue RNA Kit (coming soon!)
  • X8 Viral RNA Kit (coming soon!)

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