Integrating design and function

Learn how our intuitively designed cartridge architecture incorporates the versatile Xceler8 Technology to fully automate nucleic acid extraction and markedly simplify molecular research and testing.

Cartridge architecture
Load sample
Prepare reagents
Mix sample with reagents to lyse cells
Fill channel to selectively bind & crosslink nucleic acids
Wash away impurities
Release purified nucleic acid from surface
Elute purified nucleic acid sample
Retrieve sealed cartridge & purified nucleic acid

Breakthrough technology for beyond simple automation

Representing a departure from conventional, labor-intensive and time-consuming sample preparation methods, the disruptive Xceler8 Technology allows users to extract and purify nucleic acids from a variety of human, bacterial and viral samples at the push of a button.

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Unlike typical commercial spin-column or magnetic-bead technologies, the automated Xceler8 Technology uses a novel four-step chemistry-based approach to purify nucleic acids.

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Cell lysis

Once the sample has been added and the X8 Cartridge inserted into the Instrument, a preloaded lysis buffer is automatically mixed with the sample and loaded into the channel. Incubation with the buffer lyses the cells to liberate the nucleic acids.

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Selective binding

A reversible crosslinker then selectively binds and clusters the nucleic acids on to the solid surface of the main channel, forming a loose 3-D network.

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Wash away impurities

Impurities and cellular debris are then washed away and sealed in a waste reservoir within the cartridge, leaving behind purified nucleic acids, thereby simplifying clean-up and minimizing contamination.

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Elute nucleic acid

The purified nucleic acids are then released from the surface of the channel and eluted into the collection tube, now ready for a wide range of research and clinical applications.

High DNA yield with the X8 Genomic DNA Cartridge Kit

Genomic DNA extraction performance using X8 vs competitor manual kits. Agarose gel analysis of purified DNA from cell culture, gram- & gram+ bacterial cultures; Quantified DNA yield & RT-PCR data from various gram+ bacterial cultures; Ct values (inversely proportional to yield).

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