Our Mission

Advancing human health through innovation

We are a molecular life science company at the forefront of innovation, transforming human health by accelerating the pace of biomedical research and testing.


Accelerating biomedical discovery

The integrated Xceler8 Solution for automated nucleic acid extraction and purification is a cutting-edge molecular platform that is both accessible and best in class. Intuitively designed for full process automation, the versatile Xceler8 Solution enables beyond simple nucleic acid extraction from a variety of biological samples for a wide range of research as well as clinical applications.

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Simplifying nucleic acid extraction

The disruptive Xceler8 Technology significantly expedites and seamlessly integrates the process of nucleic acid extraction and purification. The novel chemistry-based approach uses a patented reversible-crosslinking method to selectively capture and release nucleic acids on to a solid surface, making the Xceler8 Platform the first of its kind to facilitate a truly walk-away solution.


A passionate team committed to transforming lives

Headquartered in Singapore, One BioMed is a rapidly growing startup that is at the forefront of innovation. We are focused on accelerating and decentralizing molecular research and testing by providing biomedical researchers with unprecedented access to cutting-edge tools.