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One BioMed launches the cartridge-based Xceler8™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform, the next generation in workflow simplification.

High-Quality, Reproducible Sample Prep, Any Lab, Any Time.

Singapore, November 10, 2021/PRNewswire/ — One BioMed, a company focused on advancing human health through innovation, announced today the launch of their Xceler8TM Platform for high- yield extraction and purification of nucleic acids from biological samples. Pre-filled with all the necessary reagents, X8TM Cartridge Kits, powered by the OneTouch Instrument and its touchscreen tablet, automate all nucleic acid extraction steps, including cell lysis, capture, washing and elution in as little as 30 minutes. With the flexibility of random access, the Xceler8 Solution, the first of its kind, has the ability to run different protocols simultaneously, with less than one minute of hands-on time per sample.

One BioMed’s patented chemistry-based technology simplifies the product architecture, eliminating the need for expensive robotics and complex setup. The load-and-go approach unlike conventional spin-column or magnetic beads methods, makes it ideal for labs looking for high flexibility at an affordable price. The Xceler8 Platform ensures consistent and reproducible extraction of nucleic acids from a myriad of sample types across different users. The extracted DNA or RNA can be used for a variety of downstream applications such as sequencing, PCR and gel electrophoresis. With the ability to run up to 8 samples per run, users can process up to 500 samples per week. The fully integrated system eliminates the need for ancillary equipment and user-supplied reagents, thus providing a seamless and truly walk-away experience.

“The Xceler8 solution makes automated sample prep available to the biomedical community without any restrictions. We see vast potential for expanding access across research, clinical and applied markets, enabling new discoveries in infectious disease testing, cancer research and genetic health.” said Dr. Mi Kyoung Park, CEO of One BioMed. “The Xceler8 Platform is a key moment in the evolution of nucleic acid extraction technology, radically simplifying the sample preparation process and creating a seamless workflow for relevant users.” added Dr. Alexander Lezhava, Senior Group Leader at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and one of Xceler8’s early-access users.

In order to bring the Xceler8 Platform to the rapidly growing APAC market, One BioMed has signed an exclusive agreement with Vigo Labs for sales and distribution in South Korea. One BioMed will also be expanding its commercial presence to other regions in APAC by the end of the year.

The X8 OneTouch Instrument and Genomic DNA Cartridge Kits will start shipping in January 2022. Additional Cartridge Kits for extraction of DNA from Tissue and RNA from viral samples will be available by Q1 2022. For more information, please visit our Products Page.

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